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Super Sport Systems is a scientifically-based and experienced-based company. It's training programs have been developed after more than three decades of research and use with Olympic athletes in the Soviet Union. They are also both proprietary and unique and have been shown to consistently produce the expected results on generations of athletes.

Our services are designed to compliment coaches’ work at practically any level, not to substitute one.
We have decades of experience working with winning national teams and coaches and now ready to offer our expertise and proprietary tools to the public.

In addition to our Web services, 3S possesses the knowledge and experience to prepare coaches of elite athletes and increase their effectiveness at the national and Olympic levels. Our expert staff can also customize and apply the knowledge, coaching methods, and tools to other areas as well:

  • Advising National Federations, Elite and Professional Teams
  • Developing and implementing conditioning programs in team sports
  • Developing and implementing corporate wellness and special programs
  • Developing Extreme Endurance programs.

For additional information on the 3S Elite Services and Consulting Division, please contact us at:


The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the different parameters of your athletes and/or the requirements for group performance.

The initial evaluation procedures include:

  • Overall initial analysis of the athlete (group)
  • Special preparedness level (sports specific, or activity specific)
  • General conditioning (including agility, flexibility, etc.)
  • Specific and general strength levels in relation to current and planned results
  • Tests (specific per sport and for measuring special abilities)
  • Techniques
  • Psychological survey
  • Analysis of previous history and projection of reserves and thresholds

Imagine that one of your athletes is perfect in 9 of 10 key areas of preparedness. The weakness in this one area can make your efforts and work during the four year Olympic cycle obsolete and determine what color of medal (at best case scenario) is received at the podium. To ensure you success and make certain your athletes are prepared correctly in ALL areas, our comprehensive program provides a detailed annual preparation based on the unveiled weaknesses and strengths. This approach is the only way to guarantee your ultimate success.

For more information please contact us at: (ELITE SERVICES & CONSULTING DIVISION) Tel: 804 519 1201


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